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lIne its a music project that offers a lot to the indie genre and to upcoming music.

The creator of lIne, Kristoffer Hilmarsson was originally very centered in glam rock from the 70's and 80's, but after some years decided to explore other styles of music that could offer a wider space for experimentation and variety.

After moving from glam rock to a much more stripped-down type of music and inspired by artists such as Lianne La Havas and L.a. salami, Kristoffer started to perform with his acoustic guitar at every open stage possible in Sweden where he is originally from.

It was in 2019 when he decided to do a more serious project and when lIne was born.

"Where you are" was the first single released by lIne and one where he felt truly comfortable musically speaking, "Where you are" is a single where we can hear all the different influences that lIne is inspired by. Being supported by a mostly constant guitar melody and some interesting changes in harmony, it is sang in the very particular voice of Kristoffer and although we can definitely hear indie we can also hear some elements in the voice that come from glam rock which is very interesting to see combined.

After "Where you are" was released, he decided to get even more serious with this new project and learned how to properly record and arrange his music.

He later released the single "I wanna kill you in the shower" and now some of his biggest inspirations are Willow Smith, Tank and the Bangas and Sudan Archives.

lIne is a music project that gives a lot of different elements to its listeners and seems to be evolving constantly, the music comes from a very different angle and a mix of rich backgrounds. Definitely worth hearing

Listen in Spotify:

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