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Artist of the week: Valentina Cy

Guitar riffs, captivating rhythms, and lyrics that will make you sing along non-stop.

Valentina’s music is this and so much more.

This 22-year-old LA-based artist has been consistently making amazing music for some years now and it's time for you to hear her.

What I loved about her music is that there is such a consistent essence so particular in all her songs that you can easily tell it's her but at the same time each song has its own uniqueness.

Her newest release “Wind” was definitely a favorite as soon as I heard it, it has this very smooth easy-going vibe along with a very dynamic combination of musical elements that just makes it irresistible to the ear.

Each and every song is relatable and so easy to connect with which is one of the most important things we can get from a musician.


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