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Artist of the week: Silk Cinema

This duo definitely got me hooked since only the first seconds after I heard their song “Afterglow”, this made me dig a little bit into their music and I am so glad I did.

Silk Cinema has a musical combination that just has it all. An enchanting voice that blends perfectly with the beats and synths of the music, a groovy but modern vibe, and lyrics that we can all relate to.

This independent duo based in London has been out since 2017 and does everything by themselves including the composition, recording, performing, and production of the music.

Each and every song is able to connect with the listener a hundred percent and get us completely immerse in their world.

Afterglow is Silk Cinema’s 4th release of the year, this mix of smooth R&B and funk with a modern twist is my new personal favorite discovery and I can’t wait until their next release is out.

Check them out:

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