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Artist of the week: Paige Keiner

Paige is an amazing, versatile, and very exciting upcoming artist based in Nashville.

Her music is a combination of interesting elements that even though fall into the category of pop, it shows a lot of the different influences and experimentation put into it.

Songs like “Inside my mind” or “Sip” really show this perfect balance she creates between electronic elements and organic instruments such as guitar, piano, and drums.

We can hear exciting instrumental solos appearing in most of her songs even though the base for them is an electronic sound which makes the listening very refreshing.

Paige has been influenced by a wide variety of artists and genres such as rock/alternative, pop, and even punk from a very young age.

Having experienced so many different musical scenes such as singing in a chorus, playing in a punk band, and even being part of an acapella group definitely influences her music and brings a lot of rich and diverse elements to the plate.

Each single doesn’t fail to make us keep wanting to listen more. Not for anything Paige has won several national and international composition awards.

If you are looking for new music, definitely check Paige Keiner out.



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