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Is streaming enough to make a living?

According to Nadine Shah, is not.

There has been a lot of controversies when it comes to the amount of money that an artist receives per stream and in digital platforms.

It is a very confusing and unclear calculation that has more to do with an individual contract an artist has with its record label and how the record label pays the artist for performance royalties since digital platforms don’t pay directly to artists.

Nadine Shah is an example of how little it matters to have thousands of listeners when it comes to earning enough to cover living expenses.

Nadine, an artist that has a good fan base, a substantial profile, and more than 100,000 thousands monthly listeners, is struggling to pay rent. She believes these streaming companies are not transparent about the amounts that artists should be paid per streaming.

For example, Spotify’s per-stream royalty rate is between $00.3 and $00.5 for most which means her singles “Evil” and “Ville Morose” would’ve generated $16K since the have a combined 3.2 million streams but it has generated $2,290 yearly in the 7 years that it was been out.

The Digital Culture, Media, and Sport Committee is scheduled to have a hearing concerning the economics of music streaming today, December 11th.

Hopefully, this can open more serious discussions and futures solutions to this ongoing problem that artists face when earning from streaming platforms.

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