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What is the ideal length for my song?

Our attention spam has significantly decreased in the last 15 years. And thanks to a Spotify skip rate study we know that a song has about 5 seconds before we decide to skip to something else which is why is recommended that the intro starts in an engaging way with either music or vocals.

The answer to what is the best length for your song is.. it depends. If it is a traditional pop song, most data tells us that in 2020 3 min and 17 seconds is the ideal but if you are making a song focusing on social media exposure only, there has recently been a trend with very short songs varying from 1 to 2 minutes.

We’re seeing this trend in social media with instagram’s “1 minute music platform” and Tik Tok’s trend of 1 minute songs for content.

But of course if you’re making music for scoring purposes this doesn’t really apply, so its great to have a clear objective about what audience is best for your music.

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