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Add links for each post you publish

When we post on social media and we need to direct our audience to a specific place, this can be tricky since not all posts belong to the same category.

Sometimes we add a website but our audience has to find the exact place we want them to go by themselves.

There are apps such as were we can add multiple links to our profile such as music platforms, tickets for concerts, bookings and more.

But sometimes we want the links to be more direct because as we know in social media, everyone wants everything now.. asap. is perfect when we want to add a specific and unique link to each post we publish. This can work for Instagram, TikTok, and more.

When the user clicks on our link in bio it will open a similar view of our profile in instagram with the same posts we published, but when a post its clicked on it will automatically direct them to any link we want.

You can also add links to old posts!

Here is a visual aid for the set up of the linkinbio resource:

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