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Where do we go? Livestream

As we all know, in this corona times concerts and festivals have been non-existent for a while now.

Artists and performers have to get creative if they want to offer a dynamic music experience for their audience.

Livestreams have been the way to go for most performers and it seems like their audience actually enjoys the experience even though they can’t physically be there.

Billie Eilish is no exception to this. On the 25th of October, we can all enjoy an exclusive Livestream from this amazing artist.

The offer is quite fair since for $30 dlls one can get a ticket to the Livestream, access to exclusive merchandise, and the concert as video on demand available for 24 hours after the show.

I am confident that if someone can make an unforgettable Livestream show, is Billie Eilish.

She’s been consistently creative and fearless with her visuals and performative ideas so if you’re looking for a plan this 25th of October, you got one now!

For tickets:

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