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Brandon Andre

If you're looking for fresh, danceable, catchy music Brandon Andre has got just the thing for you.

This LA based artist released his first EP "1992" just recently containing four singles and they are all bangers!

One of my favorites has to be "Do To Me", this song is one of those that can make you get up from the couch and suddenly start dancing.

A steady but fluctuating rhythm along with unforgettable melodies are some of the elements we can find in Brandon's music. Not for nothing he has performed live in some of the biggest tv programs in Latin America, more specifically in Guatemala.

Brandon released the video for "Too Late" on 2020 where we can also see his directing skills, its a very emotional piece since it talks about what comes after loosing someone we took for granted which is something we can all connect at some level.

I definitely recommend listening to his EP and also previous singles since he has a lot of different material out including even a Gospel version of "See You Again" which is just amazing.


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