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Artist Of The Week - Jared Minnix

Jared Minnix is an artist bringing a very fresh and interesting sound, along with an original and very authentic aesthetic.

Based in Nashville, Jared is creating music that is not only engaging but it also aims to bring some much-needed joy into our world with his new single "Slow Down".

I think this song truly reflects what so many of us have felt during these confusing times.

From the thought processes we go through every day since quarantine started to the acceptance phase where we have to realize we have to use this time for better than just staying looped in social media superficialities and such.

Jared is not only an amazing composer and guitarist but also produces his own songs.

Just after "Slow Down" he released another killer single called "Hydroplane", although similar style completely different delivery and equally engaging.

Seems like Jared Minnix is working hard and fast bringing us good music definitely worth adding to our playlists.

Listen here:

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