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Artist of the week: Rookes


Rookes is an artist that is here not only to bring us amazing music, but also a very different and unique point of view.

Based in London, “Rookes is known for her charismatic and commanding stage presence, her fearless exploration of queer-female identity with influences from KD Lang’s androgynous prowess, and Kimbra for her powerful vocal style, as well as an experimental, technological approach”.

After a very successful response to her debut EP, Rookes has just completed the first stage of her tour to promote her new EP “Liminal”.

Every creation included in this new EP brings a very uplifting and light environment to its listeners, the combination of her soft but powerful vocals and songwriting skills along with the award-winning mastering expertise of engineer Katie Tavini adds up to this exciting anthem-pop sound.

The most memorable elements on the album consist of eighties synth influences along with orchestral arrangements mostly focused on string sections.

Even though this is a pop album it is easy to identify a lot of components coming from glam rock, rock, and Britpop, all this makes up for a very rich combination of sounds that comes easy to the ear.

Rookes brings us her personal stories and experiences through her music, there is a lot of inspiration that comes from topics such as gender equality, acceptance, and inclusion which is much needed to be talked about especially in the music industry and in the art field.

Rookes has already some tour dates scheduled in the UK, if you are in the area it is definitely worth it to go and check her out!

Rookes Live // Spring 2020

07.02.20 // Great British Beer Festival, Birmingham UK

12.02.20 // The Victoria, London UK*

22.02.20 // Student Pride, University of Westminster, London UK

07.03.20 // The Bechdel Sound Test, Windmill Brixton, London UK

14.03.20 // The West Malvern Social Club, Malvern UK

16.03.20 // The Old Castle Hotel, Manchester UK

01.04.20 // Spectrum, Strongroom Bar, London UK

24.04.20 // Madame Claude, Berlin UK

For tickets:


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