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Broth - Simmer Down

I came across this R&B band this week and I am so glad I did.

One of the most exciting things in music is finding something that has a different or individual sound, and Broth definitely has a distinct vibe that keeps you hooked on their songs.

"Simmer Down", their latest EP was just released recently with 4 singles and while they all have the same characteristic sound, each one brings something very different to the table.

One of the things that caught my attention the most was the combination of the music with the lead voice and the backup singers because the lead has a sound that would usually be more proper for rock-pop music but somehow it blends perfectly with this R&B - groovy instrumentals.

Layering of different voices, sudden but smooth changes in tempo and mood are amongst some of my favorite elements in "Simmer Down".

Some singles such as "12 am" and "Seasons" are calm and peaceful but still lifting and light, "Tao" which is probably my favorite is extremely playful and dynamic thanks to the combination of different musical elements that work perfectly in sync together.

Broth has a very organic type of sound because of the wide use of real instruments and this is something I really liked, even though it has that traditional aesthetic it still sounds modern and updated.

I really recommend listening to the EP:

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