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BTS 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima

On the 21st of February "Map of the Soul: 7", the fourth album of K-pop band BTS was released.

So far the album has gotten a lot of positive feedback from its listeners and it seems like BTS are becoming one of the most influential pop artists of our time.

Along with the album, a music video for their single "ON" was released on the same day and their fans are going crazy for it.

The video has amazing visuals even though its all filmed in one location, it contains a lot of interesting elements such as the instruments conventionally used in marching bands and some dancers wearing the face masks that are widely popular in Korea and some Asian countries but are mostly known for being used by K-Pop stars.

But the main reason why everyone is going crazy is because of the coreography, all the BTS members absolutely killed every move and gave it all in this performance.

Even though BTS has a lot of the same roots that boy bands were made of in the 80's and 90's, they bring a lot of other exciting characteristics such as a very androgynous look, the collaboration with international artists including a lot of big latin figures in music and the focus on very organized and energetic choreographies in almost every song.


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