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Coachella 2019, what you missed..

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino started by paying a tribute with some emotional words not only to his had which passed away just this year, but also to Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle. In one of his most genuine moments as a human being while ¨late night in Kauai¨, he light up a joint and went down in the crowd offering to anyone that wanted to smoke with him.

The new film ¨Guava Island¨ was also premiered at Coachella for free, starting Childish Gambino and Rihanna which is something that would be interesting to watch.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish put a show that did not disappoint, the scenery and the visuals were amazing!. it truly resembled a horror film, but this was an interesting contrast to the usual Coachella environment.

For a moment there while performing ¨All the good girls go to hell¨, she seemed to forgot the words of her own song but she addressed it in her usual charming way saying ¨What the f*ck are the words tho?¨, which kinda made fans love her even more.

There was however a very frustrating moment at the time she invited Vince Staples on stage to sing their duet ¨& burn¨, his microphone did not work for almost the entire song.. which was kind of a bummer to the fans but this sound issues seemed to be a problem throughout the entire festival.

Apart from that this was a very important milestone in Billie´s career, she's been one of the youngest performers to have a No.1 album and perform it at Coachella so congrats!

Ariana Grande

Amazing costumes, dancers and visuals.. but one thing the crowd loves is how she keeps bringing us back to the golden years.

After performing ¨Break up with your girlfriend¨, she introduces NSYNC and the crowd goes wild while they start singing ¨Tearin´ up my heart¨. She really does know her audience and how to step it up in not only her music but also her shows.

Billie Eilish wasn't the only one experimenting sound issues, when Nicki Minaj joined Ariana to sing ¨Side to side¨ their ear piece stopped working for a moment. There was a noticeable problem even though Nicki tried her best to keep going, the rap was very delayed in contrast to the music but aside from that it was an amazing performance and kudos to Nicki Minaj for trying her best at keeping the show going!

Ariana has made history in this festival as well since she was the youngest artist to ever headline at Coachella, without mentioning the whooping 8 million she was paid to do it.

Dj Snake, Ozuna, Cardi B & Selena Gomez

Dj Snake put on a great show at Coachella performing some of his best hits like¨Let me love you¨ y ¨Te boté¨ accompanied by Ozuna.

But the most exciting part of the show was when Ozuna, Cardi B and Selena Gomez joined him while performing their hit ¨Taki Taki¨. This was particularly shocking to the crowd because Selena Gomez hasn't really performed live for almost one year, so this was like her welcome back to the stage. Also, this was actually her first time ever performing at Coachella so the audience went crazy when they saw her come into scene.

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