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Giddy, the upcoming streaming platform you should know about

We all know the most popular streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon. They all have basically the same functions in regards to music but know Giddy, a new streaming platform is trying to offer something new and refreshing to music listeners.

“Content sharing and socializing over music” is what this new app is aiming for. This is something that kind of started vanishing with the introduction of the digital world.

Giddy wants to enable its users to interact not only with one another but also with the artists.

For example, a lot of people can connect via Giddy’s “party mode” which is sort of a jukebox made of each of the connected listener's preferred tracks, and they get played in random order.

This way everyone has a chance to share their favorite music with friends, family, and even celebrities in real-time.

Giddy has lined up partnerships with leading major labels so you will definitely be able to find a large amount of music.

Giddy is scheduled to launch on July 2021 only after meeting its Kickstarter funding goal. The app is offering very good incentives for fans and artists that support this vision such as very low-priced subscriptions, multiyear promotional plugs like featured-playlist placements for indie artists, and more.

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