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Watch BLACKPINK’S and Selena Gomez "Ice Cream" and the fashion choices behind.

After a lot of hype and promos, the 28th of August the official video for “Ice Cream” was finally released.

The song was co-written with Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét and the video is an overly stimulating and exciting piece that definitely keeps the viewer’s attention, and it's filled with personal fashion choices from each performer.

Since the band started, every member of BLACKPINK has notoriously picked and/or collaborated with their favorite fashion brands.

In this video each paid homage to their favorite brand by wearing handpicked accessories and clothing pieces, Jennie with Chanel, Jisoo with Dior, Lisa with Celine, and Rosé with Saint Laurent.

Selena Gomez paid homage to ’40 pinup girls by choosing to feature stripes and polka dots in her very memorable clothing pieces such as a tie-up top, a high waisted bikini, and of course, flared shorts.

The video generated millions of views within a few hours and it's definitely worth watching.


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