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Courtney Jacobs *Interview*

Courtney Jacobs is an emerging artist originally from Houston, TX.

Courtney has officially released her first official singles this summer and they will definitely make you play them on repeat for hours.

“Canary” and “Heat Dream” have the perfect combination of dreamy-vocals, hypnotizing synths, and powerful lyrics.

This is the perfect type of music for a rainy day or a chill summer night.

This week we were lucky enough to have a little interview with Courtney about her and her music:

When did you start making music?

“I’ve been singing and playing basic guitar/piano since I was young, but I started getting into the music scene with my rock band Silver Retriever 1.5 years ago. My solo pop project really took off this summer when I released my debut single July 1”.

What made you take the jump of releasing your music officially now (especially during these uncertain times)?

“It was a combination of luck and getting my own house in order. I finally figured out my songwriting and recording workflow and had the necessary equipment to be able to do all my vocal recordings at home instead of in a studio. I had two songs in the works and my social media was steadily growing. I figured, “If not now, when?” So I took the plunge and I have no regrets!”

What are your biggest music inspirations or idols?

“Freddie Mercury and Queen have unmatched talent. I’m especially inspired by their vocal harmonies for my own background vocals. In terms of my lead vocal style, I take inspiration from Lorde and Lana Del Rey in particular. “

Do you plan on releasing a full EP?

“Yes, hopefully in the next year! Singles for the rest of 2020”.

What have been your biggest topics of inspiration when songwriting?

“I write music to set a moment in stone, to wrap up how I feel about a situation into just a couple of minutes. It’s like a therapy session for me, and I can always go back and listen to the song to remember how I’ve grown since that moment”.

What would you like to say to your listeners?

“Thanks for your support so far on my first two songs, and keep your eyes peeled for a couple more singles out this year!”.

Stay tuned for Courtney’s new releases soon!

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