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Danielle Starz

Danielle Starz is here to bring some fresh, catchy, and captivating music.

The 23-year old singer-songwriter and producer from Boston has been making music her whole life, from musical theater to classical training and now at Berklee College of Music, we can expect a lot of sound quality musically and vocally.

Her latest release “Be Ok” is an uplifting, very encouraging song where she talks about feeling confident that she will be okay even if everything seems a little lost right now after experiencing a disappointment.

We can hear some nice details in the song that work perfectly in harmony together such as strategically placed chorus voices, deep synths, and of course Danielle’s flawless voice.

“Loved the Most” is one of my personal favorites where we can really appreciate Danielle’s vocal ability a little more along with a more theatrical sound yet still modern enough to be mainstream pop.

Danielle will be dropping her official EP very soon and judging from the music she has released so far I’m sure it’s something to look forward to.


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