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Dreampark, the new duo you should add to your playlist

Dreampark is a London-based duo formed by Carmel Faraggi and Daniel Barer, they started it in 2018. Although their music is influenced by the 70´s and 80´s pop and rock, they are able to deliver a very fresh and exciting sound.

With songs such as Rocknroll and Balance Station we can hear some psychedelic vibes that takes us back to the Beatles age, the combination of electronic synths and the very organic voice of Carmel and Daniel create a perfect combination.

Dreampark´s mixing engineer is Yoad Nevo, who has worked with Sia, Moby, Bryan Adams, Goldfrapp, and more so the quality is amazing not only in the songwriting but in the production and mixing as well.

The group is very new but the singles dropped so far do not disappoint at all, we are excited to see what they come up with in the months to come.

Listen in Spotify:

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