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Flossy Jones

One of my most satisfying discoveries lately has to be Flossy Jones.

This Jazz singer from Brighton, UK has one of the most distinct voices i've heard along with a very interesting and captivating musical aesthetic.

She previously released 2 singles in 2019 and now two more in 2020.

"Poolside", one of her latest singles talks about "the other woman, always waiting for that someone to arrive at midnight whilst left gazing at the reflection of moonlight on the pool".

"Poolside" is a delight for the listener, the atmospheric soundscape, the paced dynamic of movement and constant development of music elements but mostly her soothing and very melodic voice throughout the song make it a pleasant piece to experience

We can expect the same quality in her other singles, although containing different musical elements they all have this enchanting cadences and compelling lyrics that make you want to stay on replay such as her single "When It's All Over".

We sure hope more of her material will be released soon for us to enjoy, make sure to check her out in Spotify:

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