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Jen Moon

Jen Moon has been one of my most exciting discoveries recently.

This Korean-Canadian R&B singer-songwriter brings a hypnotizing musical experience with each and every one of the singles in her “Moonology” album released this year.

The full album makes you feel completely immersed in the music. From the impeccable vocals to the looping melodies and acoustic elements mixed with some interesting synths that fit the mood perfectly.

One of my favorites has to be “Notice” because we can really hear the R&B influences in Jen’s voice and the more contemporary-soul elements in the music, very proper of Frank Ocean or Daniel Ceasar.

“You” is a very good contrast to “Notice”, it has a very pure-acoustic type of music that stays permanent through the song but flows super smoothly because of the constant melodies in the voice playing with a lot of falsettos and melismas.

We can really hear Jen is telling us a story with each song, she manages to talk about complex emotions and experiences in a smooth, easy-going way that is easy to relate to.

Moonology is the perfect album to listen to at any time because it has this chill but uplifting vibe to it, we definitely loved it and we are sure you will too!.


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