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Jordan Bussel

Jordan is an emerging artist with a lot of stories to tell and beautiful music that accompanies them.

Based on the South West of England she recently released her debut album containing 15 different singles, each one of them written to tell her stories in her particular way.

Her style is hypnotic, to say the least. Especially when she plays with multiple layers of voices in a very still but flowing musical background. "Burn Down" would be a great example, which is one of my personal favorites.

The album "Wolves & Curses" features such diverse musical pieces even though they can all be fit into more-less the same genre which is a hard thing to accomplish and highly appreciated.

You can expect acoustic instruments, strings, powerful vocals, and even some modern percussion in this album that was 100% written, performed, and produced by Jordan.

Definitely glad I found Jordan's "Wolves & Curses" album.


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