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K-Pop group Blackpink earns 5 Guinness World Records

It is no secret that K-Pop is one of the biggest music phenomenons in modern music and it continues to grow each day.

You have probably heard of Blackpink which is currently one of the biggest names in this genre.

Well, with the release of their newest music video "How You Like That" on June 26th they were able to gather over 86.3 million views just the release day.

The enormous success they had with this video enabled them to set five new records, a lot of these records actually beating the famous BTS K-Pop group past records.

Records achieved:

  1. Most views of a YouTube video

  2. Music video on YouTube

  3. Music video on YouTube by a K-Pop group

  4. Peak concurrent viewers on YouTube

  5. Most viewers for a premiere of a music video on YouTube.

Plus, Blackpink is the most followed female group on Spotify and the K-Pop group actually has over 40 million subscribers on YouTube beating mainstream pop stars Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande!

This are very impressive numbers and since they are planning on releasing another single around July-August we might see them blow up even more.

Watch "How You Like That":

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