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Listen to: The Palpitations

If you are into punk-rock, this a band you should

definitely check out.

The Palpitations is a newly released band focused

on post-punk rock and although 2 their members

come from non-music professional backgrounds this

brings completely different storylines and exciting

points of view into their music.

The band is based in London and its members are Nishant Joshi (bass), Tom Talbot (vox, guitar), Brett Rieser (guitar) and Florin Constantin Pascu (drummer).

Tom and Brett where junior doctors who worked together in the emergency department of their local hospital in Luton.

Every song written by the band is based on a true story seen by these doctors, from a patient receiving a terminal diagnosis to a drug addiction problem in a young woman.

A common theme in their music it's obviously grief since the two doctors witnessed a lot of tragedies "as they lay bare the souls of grief-stricken patients and families".

The music itself has a combination of very interesting elements that are very influenced by bands such as Green Day, Joy Division and Radiohead.

However, cinema has been one of their biggest inspirations when writing their music, the lyrics are often inspired by dialogues from Alfred Hitchcock's movies.

Their first official single was released on the 29 of November 2019, "Siren" is a tragic rock anthem meant to reflect the psychological spiral of negative emotions that an addict goes through. The song is entrancing and although it is considered a hard-rock style the lyrics bring softness to the mood.

The band's next singles are planned on being released by late January and April of 2020 with "Lights Out" and "My Carnivore".

Check The Palpitations on Spotify:

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