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Lucky Iris "Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home"

Lucky Iris released their EP not too long ago and it is what our playlist needed. Every song is fun, light, balanced and it brings dynamic variety to the listener. These musicians are an alt-pop duo based in Leeds, UK and they are bringing back electro-acoustic music with their personal touch. We can hear some big influences in their music such as The xx, Oh Wonder, Alt-J and more. More importantly, we can hear a very independent sound that even though takes some inspiration from other artists it is completely able to create its own very distinct and exciting essence. “Get Ready with Me” is probably one of my favorites, the thing I love the most is the smoothness in every transition of musical character the song goes through and the same goes for the rest of the singles. This EP offers a different mood and character in every song, it plays with not only electronic sounds but also with acoustic instruments giving a very authentic type of sensation. Listen to their new EP:

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