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Moon Wax

Moon Wax is the duo you want to add to your "summer bangers" playlist.

Billy Smith and Robb Maynard collaborate with various artists from different back rounds to create their awesome pieces.

Both are originally rooted in soul and jazz but are able to successfully experiment with other different genres and niches which give us an end product that sounds very unique and engaging.

Their thumping bass lines, flamboyant guitar riffs and outer space synth sounds make them perfect for anyone who is looking for fresh music this summer, it will definitely make you wanna get up and dance.

"Sayonara" is their latest release and a personal favorite which was started during the lockdown period and produced during summer.

"The early inspiration for Sayonara came from listening to new John Mayer and Cory Wong records, exploiting simple patterns and making them insanely groovy”


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