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MTV Video Music Awards 2019 nominees

As we get closer and closer to August the VMA´s get close as well, the 36th annual ceremony will be held at the Prudential Center in Newark.

This year there is a lot of competition and its really hard to predict who will win some of the most important categories such as ¨Artist of the Year¨ or ¨Song of the Year¨, since a lot of the nominees are equally popular and good.

Seems like one of the favorite nominees from the public is Lizzo for the category ¨Best New Artist¨, she has been killing it lately with performances such as the one she gave at the last BET Awards and her most recent hit ¨Juice¨.

There is other very close competitors for this category as well, Billie Eilish is another favorite candidate with her album ¨When we all fall asleep, where do we go?¨ which has been a bit controversial because of the seriousness of some of the topics in her songs but still very well received by the public.

Rosalía is another nominee that could take this prize home since her album ¨El mal querer¨ has had amazing critiques, introducing a whole other genre into mainstream music and consistently bringing us hit after hit.

Other nominees for this category are Lil Was X, Ava Max, and H.E.R.

Another category with a lot of competition is ¨Song of the Year¨, it has ¨Thank you next¨ by Ariana Grande which topped the charts not only in the U.S. but in more than 10 other countries. But ¨Old Town Road¨ is a nominee too and this Lil Nas X single has broken records for the longest a song has been consecutively No.1 in the Billboard Hot 100.

Some of the other nominees include ¨Shallow¨ by Gaga and Cooper, ¨Sucker¨ by the Jonas Brothers and ¨You Need to Calm Down¨ by Taylor Swift.

Here is the full list of categories for the MTV VMA´s Awards 2019:

This year 2 new categories were included: ¨Best K-Pop¨ and ¨Video for Good¨ and the artist with most nominations were Ariana Grane and Taylor Swift with 10 followed by Billie Eilish with 9 and Lil Nas X with 8, we will have to wait until August 29 to see who the winners are but until then, stay tuned.

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