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Nicki Minaj to headline in Jeddah World Fest, a major music festival in Saudi Arabia

The organizers of one of the biggest and most important music festivals in Saudi Arabia have announced some of the international artist that will be performing in Jeddah, and it seems like Nicki Minaj will be headlining along with Steve Aoki and Liam Payne.

This festival its a very important event held by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage’s and also part of other scheduled activities for the season, were the goal is to bring entertainment for the country.

The organizers of the event are very excited to welcome an artist of this magnitude into the show and they expect it to reach a wide audience, MTV will be covering it as well.

One of the main focus its to show a different side of the country as opposed to how is viewed in the rest of the world, they want to promote a more open and accepting culture as well as to bring light to local artists.

Organizers of the event couldn´ bet more excited to have Nicki Minaj as the first performer, they believe she will be an amazing influence on media to promote not only the festival but the city of Jeddah as well and a very good positive image.

Of course there has been some mixed feelings from the audience in Saudi Arabia, although a lot of people are very excited some appear to be more critical of the situation.

This is because of the country's strict policy on how women should dress and act in public, a part of the population thinks its hypocritical from the country to invite an artist where most of the songs talk explicitly about sex, and display a lot of sexual images (for women and men) while the female audience in the concert will still have to wear an Abaya.

Although the country has made some advances in their policies regarding rights for woman such as letting them drive and letting them attend certain events were before they weren't welcomed, there is still a lot of important issues that are present in their society when it comes to gender segregation.

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