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Prison Escapee

"20/20" is an album that 100% caught my ear from the first song until the last one.

Erik David Hidd alias Prison Escapee is the artist behind this amazing album.

Raised in New York but currently living in Los Angeles, Erik brings all his knowledge and experience in music into this project and it is one of the most interesting combinations I've heard.

One of the things that caught my ear the most was the use of clean strings and acoustic piano in some of the songs such as "A Figment of Your Imagination". These sounds actually come from film soundtracks which bring a very organic and grandiose feeling to the song.

The combination of musical layers using electronica, lo-fi field recordings, post-rock, and film scores keeps the listener constantly engaged.

Erik was brought up singing in his local church and this is another element we can spot in some of his singles. For example in "The Art of This" church-like chorus voices can be heard in the background at times in combination with his pop-like falsettos which are able to elevate the song and give it a completely new twist.

The lyrics are a very important key in Erik's music, they talk fearlessly about raw human emotions such as loneliness, the need for affection, and depression.

"2020 Anybody Please look me in the eye I need human interaction" - Patience/Human Interaction.

The lyrics also contain some of his past religious influences such as "Too Soon".

"Everyone is here I’m not here I’ve lost my way And gave up too soon, Praise Your name, Father Praise Your holy name". 

This album offers such a big variety of musical and lyrical elements that hearing it on replay does not get tiring, definitely recommend checking it out!


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