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Rian Wyld - A Lot on My Mind

Rian Wyld is an upcoming artist that has been creating amazing music for quite some time now.

She's based in the U.S and her speciality is rap and captivating lyrics.

Unapologetic, sincere, but more than anything Rian's Wyld music is extremely powerful.

Since the beginning of her career Rian has constantly deliver true hearted stories from personal experiences that really bring us as close as possible to the soul of her music.

From painful breakups to the moment she became a mother, Rian has always shared important moments with her listeners through her art, and her new single "A Lot On My Mind" is no exception.

This single addresses important questions in life such as "does success truly has the power to heal past wounds"?, it also talks about family struggles and doubts about her past life decisions. She is truly able to turn her personal and external battles into art

"A Lot On My Mind" is extremely captivating not only because of the lyrical quality but also cause of the catchy music and powerful delivery over a drum driven trap beat.

To check her music out if you haven't already:

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1 commentaire

Iman Gray
Iman Gray
06 avr. 2021

wow! thank you so much for this awesome review! I released my debut EP in December 2020 called she is me. It's 5 records, including a lot on my mind. I hope you love it ! :)

xoxo rian

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