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Sarah May

If you haven't hear Sarah May, now it's the time to do so. Her music is able to completely immerse the listener into another world, not only the with the soothing and wide-ranged vocals but also with the very minimalistic and smooth musical elements and production.

Sarah was born and raised in London and started to get into the world of music since the age of 9, by the time she was 17 she'd already released her first album with original compositions. She is self taught not only in composing, singing and performing but also in producing as well.

Her wide range of compositions (more than 100) cover very important social issues including depression, addiction, politics, sexism which is a very big problem in the music industry, and more.

Sarah has been able to deliver performances not only in the UK and Europe, but also in Asia.

In her latest release "Take Me Away" we can really hear an amazing work with the production and the use of electroacoustic elements that work perfectly with the energy in the voice, it is very noticeably inspired by some of the most characteristic sounds in the 90's when it comes to the use of synths but with a very fresh and more contemporary twist.

For now, Sarah is focusing in releasing singles but she is definitely planning on releasing a full album in the near future.

Sarah May brings something very different and interesting to the table, it is definitely a must to discover her music.


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