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Weekly discovery: Les Gold

Les Gold is a group you should listen to if you are into indie- rock or just enjoy really good music, their sound has a rich use of different elements in it and influences such as The Shins, Dead Cab, Young the giant and more.

Les Gold is formed by Jenson Tuomi and Travis Ezell as frontman, Tim Kaye as the guitarist, Nick Wright with the bass and Walter Stern in the drums.

Although their music is labeled as indie, there is clearly a lot of variety in the genre influences they have and that is what makes it so interesting to hear.

¨Silver Platters¨ for example has the classic rock-like rhythm and voice but it also displays several characteristics of pop when it comes to the effects and some of the transitions, they manage to deliver a very authentic and engaging type of music.

Another personal favorite is ¨You Know¨ which starts off with a light psychedelic type of vibe eventually evolving into a rock ballad, the vocals have a very ¨Strokes¨ character to it with a softer and more flexible touch.

Les Gold released their debut EP ¨More Silver¨ on the summer of 2018 with Sonic Media Studios producer Bob Stark, since then the band has been featured in major independent platforms and seems to have an exciting future in music ahead.

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