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Amazon Music pairs up with Twitch to allow artists to live-stream

It was announced exclusively through Billboard that since September 01 all Amazon music streaming tiers will offer artists the possibility of integrating Twitch Livestreams.

This will make Amazon the first platform ever to add Livestreaming options for artists.

According to the Amazon Music director Ryan Redington, this will be a “game-changer for the music industry” since it will allow users to switch easily between any artist Livestreams and recorded music.

This option will be available for any artist who has a Twitch channel by just linking their Twitch account with their Amazon music account through the newly released Amazon Music for Artists app.

Artists are encouraged to Livestream different content including performances, tutorials, Q&A, and other materials.

Amazon Music homepage will promote these live streams under a new “Live” tab and will also send notifications about new live streams happening from artists that you follow.

Amazon will be Livestreaming interesting material from their own branded channel such as a Q&A with The Killers’ Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. answering questions about their latest album Imploding the Mirage amongst other scheduled exciting content.

This comes up at the perfect time since the current sanitary situation is making a lot of people stay in and look for different entertainment options that are available remotely, online music entertainment is definitely needed.

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