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Billie Eilish, what's the hype?

You've probably been hearing this name a lot recently, she has been consider as much as a prodigy for this generation. I wanted to look for myself if this was worth the hype.. I should say it was completely worth it, here is why:

She is bringing us a very fresh and different proposal, not just musically which is obviously very important, but also in her esthetic which now a days is important too since we live in a very visual world.

We are used to be surrounded by just entertainers and there is nothing wrong with this, but a true artist should be recognized and at her short age Billie seems to be one of the greatest artist this generation will have.

The lyrics have a very dark but uplifting feeling, which has been shocking for some people considering she is only 17 years old. The music its still pop but it has so many contemporary elements with abrupt changes in rhythm, tempo, etc (won't bore you with the details).

But one of the most exciting things for me to see was the visual in her videos are truly perfect, the use of contrasting colors combined with contemporary style dancers (including herself) work so perfectly with the music.

Even her most simple videos such as ¨When the party is over ¨ its still incredibly compelling, its the combination of scary meeting harmony and is even probably the birth of a new sub genre that some people are having a hard time classifying since she has been put under different categories such us pop, rock/alternative, indie, emo, etc.

I should mention something that caught my attention as well, she is a woman in the music industry. We know that exposed skin and sexy dances sell like bread, not that there is anything wrong with this but I it felt pretty refreshing to see someone that doesn't rely on this to sell her art.

Some people would consider her style its actually a little tomboy-ish?, so kudos for her for being true to her own self in this industry at such a young age. We all have seen a lot of entertainers fall into this style when starting that wasn't their main approach to the public.

Although some parents are concerned with some of her lyrics being alarming such as ¨bury a friend ¨ or ¨bellyache ¨ because they basically talk about murder or depressing thoughts, we have to remember that music its a way of story telling and Billie Eilish just chooses topics that aren't always just about mundane acts or places, but more of a fantasy dark land just like when we watch Game of Thrones I guess?

In conclusion I think its definitely worth it to check this artist out, specially accompanied with her amazing videos!

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