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Could TikTok be banned in the U.S.?

TikTok is not only a successful social media app, but it is also a huge platform for a lot of emerging artists to be discovered and potentially kickstart their careers.

If a video goes viral (which happens quite a lot in the TikTok community) and it happens to have your song playing in the background you will benefit from a lot of exposure and success. 

After recent political issues between India and China took place, India decided to ban over 50 Chinese mobile applications, including TikTok, which is a Beijing-based internet technology company.

This hit hard not only TikTok's fans in India but particularly famous TikTok superstars that actually lived off making videos for this platform. 

Recently Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News in an interview earlier this week that the U.S. was "certainly looking" at doing the same. This could potentially leave a lot of content creators without a platform but also impact the music industry.

We've seen a lot of "extreme" bans taken place during the current presidency so it would not be a surprise if the app actually gets banned from the U.S.

It all seems to rely on how the current tension between China and the U.S develops.


The Washington Post

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