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Earth, by Lil dicky

So, this song was released the 18th of April and it was.. interesting?

personally I am nor very familiar with Lil dicky´s material so this comes completely from an outsider's perspective, but it seemed like a cheap and disrespectful version of what Michael Jackson tried to do when he made ¨We are the wolrd¨.

The lyrics are suppose to bring conscience about global warming but with a chill and comedic twist, several artists are featured in it including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Kevin Heart and John Legend amongst others.

Each artist represents an animal but some of the lines are.. maybe not funny but just plain silly. I think if there was any real purpose of giving some kind of message it definitely got lost in all the confusion. Things like ¨Russia we cool¨ and ¨Germany we forgive you¨, kinda defeat the purpose of creating a feeling of peace in the world since the political issues don't include the remaining non politically involved citizens of such countries.

It is a nice gesture that a portion of the money that the song makes its going to be donated to charity, I just feel like it could've been executed in a much better way.

The music itself had a very plastic-y and expectable sound, much like when something its just made to be liked in mass. I truly believe the intention of every artist that participated in this was noble, but I also believe they could've put much more effort in the music, the lyrics, the composition itself and the way the message was delivered.

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