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Homecoming, Beyonce

If you ever wonder why Beyonce is acclaimed as this generation's queen of not only music but of the people, this film will show you and it will never let you forget..

First of all I have to say I was one of those unlucky ones who missed seeing Beyonce perform at Coachella in what was probably one of the most important events of this generation, so when they announced this film I was extremely excited because I could have the chance to see the performance with a nice quality (since all youtube recordings were pretty bad), but I got so much more from this film.

I knew she was an amazing performer but the most amazing thing that Beyonce has is that power in people, not only on her audience but the sense of community she tries to build with her own team so that this is then transmitted to the public with even more strength.

In this film we could see Beyonce pushing herself more than she ever imagined and with this, delivering more artistic quality than no other artist in this generation has ever gave but the most important thing she delivered was a message of feeling proud and standing tall as an African American women.

With the film came the live album that everybody had theories it would, it was truly worth the wait because it shows you another way of hearing Beyonce´s music that is more connected to her initial goal when she performed at Coachella 2018.

As we could see in the film everything was meticulously planed and crafted, from the choreographies and the scenery to the costumes and the sound effects. This film really took us deep inside were everything was built from zero, and I believe it reached its purpose which was to inspire the all the audience but specially the younger generations.

I highly recommend watching it because its an amazing performance that I believe we should all experience, the visuals are great and the sound and music quality and arrangements are completely worth the little over 2 hours it lasts.

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