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Lizzo, the artist you should definitely listen to if you haven´t yet

She has everything in her music, some soul, some funk, some sass and a magnetic personality when she performs.

Originally from Michigan, Melissa Viviane Jefferson started to sing since a very young age at her church, she is a professional flautist, singer and actress as well.

This year was actually her debut at Coachella festival were she absolutely delivered a great performance, she's received a lot of attention with her newest album ¨Cuz I love you¨.

The most attracting thing to me in her music is the wide variety of styles she introduces us to, she can sing in a very ¨soul¨ way and almost gospel style like we hear in ¨Jerome¨ but then there are other times were she raps or drops funk styled screams and it works perfectly in harmony.

Not to mention the use of the flute in a lot of her songs gives it a very uplifting vibe, and she is actually a great player.

¨Cuz I love you¨ is a personal favorite from her album, the lyrics tend to always be so cheeky which is really interesting to hear combined with her very lyrical voice.

Lizzo has also been trying to promote a clear message of body positivity in her videos and in her interviews as well, this is are very exciting times as audience because we are seeing so much more openness about this topics from celebrities and artists.

She is definitely becoming a very strong role model for everyone when it comes to feeling confident in our own skin..

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