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Old Man by lIne

We talked about Swedish artist lIne before when he was “artist of the week” and loved his songs "Where You Are" and "I Wanna Kill You in the Shower". Now lIne has released his newest single titled “Old Man” and it brings us an even more professional sound that has more distinct and exciting elements that blend perfectly with the indie genre. The song starts with a delicate but haunting piano introduction to then progresses into lIne’s characteristic and peaceful guitar arrangements. As the song goes by we hear chorus voices accompanying the soloist in the back round and there is a reintroduction of the piano, it is worth to mention the very cool change of dynamic around the bridge with not only the use of drums and a more rock type of vibe but also with the change in vocals that fit very good with this style since they are more powerful and intense. “Old Man” seems to talk about the passing of time when growing up and it goes deep into the turns and different roads people take at different stages of their life. This song is very unique in the subtle use of different musical genres and for this, I believe anyone can enjoy it even if they usually don’t listen to indie much.

Check him out:

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