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P!nk ¨Hurts 2b human¨ album review

P!nk´s newest album is officially out and no one is disappointed, every song has its own character but is also genuinely P!nk 100% percent.

We can hear some songs that have more electronic elements than others such as ¨Can we pretend¨ or ¨(Hey Why) Miss You Sometime¨, but the whole album has this very uplifting vibe to it not just because of the music but because of the lyrics.

In the past P!ink has done a lot of music that was much more rock oriented and with much more rebel and loud messages which always worked for us as an audience, but this last albums have had a different essence which is exciting to see.

Every artist has to evolve and try different approaches, besides we can still hear that the original Pi!nk is there and now is showing herself as even more vulnerable and honest than before in Songs like ¨Happy¨ were she talks about struggling with her negative body image since she was young.

There are some collaborations like ¨Hurts 2b human¨ with Khalid and ¨90 days¨ with Wrabel amongst others. It was also very refreshing to hear the introduction of some funky elements in songs like ¨Hustle¨ which is one of my personal favorites, this album really does have a lot to offer and every song its its own universe.

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