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Rag'n'Bone Man, the mix between soul and pop we didn't know we needed

Rory Charles Graham, more commonly known as ¨Rag´n´Bone Man¨ is an English artist that you've most recently heard in the song ¨Giant¨ featuring Calvin Harris. Although the song mixes brilliantly Rory´s very characteristic way of singing with Calvin Harris's techno style, if you haven't heard the ¨Human¨ or ¨Wolves¨ album there is a whole other world to discover.

Releasing his first official eight-track Bluestown EP in 2012, he has gotten a lot of attention internationally since then signing a publishing deal with the American publishing company Warner Chappell.

With songs such as ¨Reuben´s Train¨ which is made entirely by layers of voices ranging from bass and slowly building up to the mezzo-soprano´s, its definitely a treat for the ear finishing up with just him singing a smooth but strong melody.

Other songs such as ¨Broken people¨ featuring Logic which was actually used for the 2017 film ¨Bright¨, brings a more contemporary combination of elements with the use various instruments, electronic and vocal effects and of course some rap.

With a lot of Gospel and Soul influences Rag´n´Bone Man offers a very interesting and fresh music proposal, especially if you enjoy a very melodic voice and a rich use of various musical elements.

Listen to his latest hit:

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