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Spotify just launched video podcasts

As of yesterday, the 21 of July 2020 Spotify has officially launched video podcasts globally and they will be available to both free and premium users.

Spotify's statement says this will allow: “select creators to bring both audio and video content to Spotify, enabling them to connect more meaningfully with their listeners, expand viewership, and deepen audience engagement”.

This is something that will enrich the audience's experience and enable them to connect and live their favorite podcasts more dynamically.

Unlike a Youtube video, the Spotify podcast audio will continue to play even if you lock your phone or go to other apps while listening which is something we all appreciate.

Spotify has been investing heavily in its podcast business lately, some of these investments ensure to have high quality and exclusive content coming.

Some of these deals have been high profile personalities such as Warner Bros, Kim Kardashian West, and more.

Spotify's official blog post about the news:

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