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Spotify launches its lighter version ¨Spotify Lite¨

A couple of weeks ago Spotify released another version of the popular music app called Spotify Lite, this was specifically designed for Android users and it enables them to save battery, storage and data.

The app was tested for a year in emerging countries such as Brazil, only taking up 15MB while the regular Spotify app takes 100MB. Spotify Lite was targeting countries and regions were there is poor internet connection and the majority of the population tend to use lower end devices that have very little storage available for usage.

It is finally available on Google Play for 36 markets for now, and in negotiations to expand to other places. Some of the current places include Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Qatar, South Africa, Philippines, and India amongst other more.

Although this definitely seems like a great alternative to people that were interested in Spotify but were not able to get it for space and data related reasons, it seems like the new version of the app is not entirely the same as the original one.

1. The quality on the playback is reportedly lower than in the regular Spotify app which wouldn't be such a big deal for listeners, but one of the users favorite feature is missing..

2. Offline playback which is not available on Spotify Lite and this can become a bit of a issue for the problem they were trying to solve since this specific feature is one that allows users to listen to their music without having to use any data.

3. Spotify Connect is out as well which is what allows people to connect their devices wirelessly onto speakers, and of course

4. It is not available for iPhone users yet since its only for android devices.

The upside its that its still lets you search and play your favorite artists as well as tracking your storage and data usage, set a data limit and free up space from your device much easier. If you have an existing account on Spotify you can also use the same login details for Spotify Lite.

Since it is relatively new only time will if the new app will be successful or not, specially in emerging countries. To download it:

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