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Thank You, Next

What did we got from Ariana in this album?,.. absolutely no shame, and everyone is loving this. From naming each ex in her songs, to actually showing pictures of them in one of her latest videos ¨Thank you, next¨.

She really has demonstrated girl power not only in her lyrics and videos, but also in her attitude when approaching delicate subjects. We can see how much she has evolved from when she started, I mean aside from her amazing voice, her music and her attitude have taken her to one of the top places in the mainstream music industry.

The production in her music has significantly improved and plays now with some experimental elements, introducing different types of audio recordings in her songs (which reminded me of ¨Bastille¨ but in her own way. The lyrics as well are much more daring and cheeky as we can hear songs like ¨break up with your girlfriend, I´m bored¨

Personally I loved the ¨Thank you, next¨ single not only cause the music is amazing, but I could really feel the blast from the past seeing the tributes she made for all those ¨girly¨ movies I loved when I was younger. She also really tried to stay true to the aesthetic and cast of this movies, (for the ¨mean girls¨ lovers) she actually had the real ¨Aron Samuels¨ in her video! which is appreciated.

Some people are saying she is taking the title that Mariah Carey once use to have as the ¨diva¨, and I must admit they do have a lot of similarities. Coincidentally enough they both have a very similar vocal range which is actually pretty rare because its pretty hard to reach that high range for anyone, but also the attitude is everything and I do believe Ariana is the new diva but with the more modern spice and girl power that we needed because she has been going a step further than what we would expect from a regular pop star girl.

Anyways, I am very excited to see what she comes up with next, so far she has received tones of acclamations after her performance at Coachella. Let's see what she is coming up with next, for what it seems so for there is nothing but improvement in her future.

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